My Tupperware Story

Tupperware is the name I cannot forget all my life and has become part of our journey and helped us transformed from a scratch and nothing to what we are today, now I can say that we are blessed enough to have something from nothing, or shall I say we can eat and buy what we want now. 

I belong to a big family, 7 siblings in a do-re-me pattern..My father was just an electrician that time and his earning was not really enough to feed us all and for our education, so mom finds way on how she could help dad in terms of financial, she now became a very active, energetic dealer of what we called Tupperware. I remember I was 7 years old that time, since I am the youngest she always bring me with her every time she picked up purchase order in the office or deliver the products to her prospect buyers. Aside from having a lot of Tupperware products at home Tupperware was there during the very hard times of our lives. I am a living witness how Tupperware helped our family in terms of financial backup especially when my three older siblings was in college. Mom has many recruits and of course she receives incentives aside from earning percent to every products she sells. 

Now that we are all grown up mom divided all her Tupperware products to us 7 siblings equally, can you imagine how many are the Tupperware she had kept for all of us?  She said she don't have a lot to give us all but the Tupperware that she kept for a long time in our cabinet is more than enough. Now, we are enjoying using it and keep it as what mom told us to do. I can say that these products not only gives a remarkable helped to us during those lowest point of our lives but also giving us hope that everything is possible if we will just work hard. I am thankful to Tupperware for the opportunity to gain and earn through direct selling and recruitment. 

This Jumbo Tupperware was bought by my mother 24 years ago (1992).

One thing I like Tupperware products is the durability plus with elegance, its not easily break up. I love Tupperware. Now, I heard Tupperware has a lot of new products not just limited to plastic wares. I am still buying Tupperware products just like my new 12 pcs round plates that I just bought 2 months ago.

I hope I could inspire other moms out there with my Tupperware story. for more info about Tupperware and to know more about promos and catalogs feel free to go to their website or visit their social media accounts:



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I was crying

Early this morning, an accident happened in our house while we are busy preparing for our breakfast and some other things before going to work, I forgot that I just left her in my bed alone, she sudden felt on the floor and was crying too loud, oh my heart was crashed as if I felt I was not a responsible parent for her. Though it was just an accident but it gave us a lesson to take good care of our two beautiful ladies.

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Must share

My brother in Christ went in our house to discuss matter about church growth. We talked a lot an I felt his passion and love to our God by building God's kingdom through our local church until we came to a discussion about our music ministry that we need to upgrade, not only with the performance we needed at stage but also with our equipment like gadgets and instruments, I shared him the guitar center ny and he was happy to know my concerns in the department. Hopefully this is one way of attracting the lost for Christ.

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Passion for Photography

There were a certain point of my life where in I want to become a professional photographer. I am a kind of person who really want to take picture of a nature aside of taking picture of myself haha! that thing they called 'selfie'. I love photography because I can appreciate more the beauty of nature in our surrounding and of course thinking how wise and good is the Creator of these things. I can pursue these passion if I can have paraphernalia like DSLR cameras and Zoom Recorders.
In God's time I'll be a good photographer. 

As a mother of two beautiful daughter I make it sure I am always there in their growing up stage of life and I can have a better remembrance of that moment by taking pictures in their 'first' times like my youngest baby to crawl or walk. When they grow older I am excited to let them see so they can appreciate their childhood life more.

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My music

The composition of my songs lasted for almost a month and we're ready for recording. We prepared all the necessary gadget and instruments and were ready for it. My brother in law brought a brand new audio metering from the US, I also prepared all the necessary instruments. This is our first time to use, I've seen now our future stuff and I knew this will be a great one. Just want to say thank you for my partner in life who is there always beside me.

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A Mother's love

They said, you can never have an idea how it is to become a mother until you become one. Yes, it is indeed very true. I love being a mother to my two daughter and I will do everything for them though its hard at times but God design mother's love that is willing to endure, sacrifice and love with no limit. 

In my eyes they the most beautiful even if others not. It is so just frustrating to hear bad comments from others saying my babies are not good looking but I don't mind them. I.just pray to God to help me molding my daughter's lives and help to become a good mother for them. It is not easy to become a mother and a wife in the same time.

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Best buy ever

I really love to buy stuff that are on sale or I like to go on secondhand shops where lots of products are on half or more than the original price yet it is still good as new. When we went to Singapore last February there we bought a very durable and good baby bounet which my baby is using now, she like it very much. I'll put her on there when she gets sleep so she can have a long interrupted rest. She got easily disturbed when she's on bed so I find it very helpful to me as a mother. I consider it as my best buy ever. You can find it there also different kinds of home appliances and musical instruments like vintage guitars for sale and a lot more. I want to buy a lot of stuff but its hard for me as a tourist since my baggage allowance is just limited. When I have an opportunity again to go to Singapore I want to again on that store to buy things for my little home.

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Product knowledge

I bought a guitar from the guitar shop and check for a preamp. I was disappointed for their staff haven’t knew about it instead asked me if what is a preamplifier, so I said much better if you will ask your manager to teach you all your products first and do some familiarities about it before working because it is very difficult to deal with customers without the product knowledge, she smiled and say yes sir thank you. Hopefully she can make it sooner.

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