I am Pinay! I am Asian..

I am a butterfly emerging from my cocoon, a struggle that is in very very slow and prolonged motion. But I still believe, in greener pastures, bluer skiers, silver lining in the clouds and sunshine after the rain.
Of fresh cut green grasses is my favorite smell.
My mom and dad's early morning and night talks are my favorite sounds on earth; so much to share, so much to listen to, in how to begin the day, and how was your day, as they go to sleep at the same time, every time. May we?
Sky blue is my favorite color because it is "heavenly", and so is white because it is "pure", green is 'fresh', red is "hot", and blue-green because it is "executive and cool".
I admire people who maintains a cool head under fire. Who know how to say the right and positive word. For me, "a real man does not hurt a woman, physically or mentally, he loves but once and faithfully".

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