Appointment for Biometrics

I received a letter I-797C from the Department of Homeland Security today stating my appointment date and time for biometrics capture. I'm glad it's on the 19th so I will go to New Orleans with Johnny then. He is in flight now bound Amsterdam wherein I'm going to receive a call from him there. Tomorrow he will be home!! I can't wait, just missing him so much. I and my mother-in-law will pick him up at the airport afternoon. I am just excited and thrilled, hehe. I have just finished polishing my nails in his favorite shade, and I will not worry what to wear from the wardrobe he completed for me for he chose already what I will wear tomorrow, OK, no worries for me there. Everything is well.

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The Netherlands is known for its Tulips. Johnny is just romantic and thoughtful. He is shopping for those tulips as presents for me to give to the women of his family. I have just to keep one for me for my mother. I hope its OK, it must be since they sell it inside the airport, it's just that they didn't allow water the last time I and my hubby flew. I can't wait to see him in the airport tomorrow with a bagful of tulips! Isn't that cute? Wink..

We can always move the appointment schedule, but we are not sure yet when is his hunting trip to Mexico. Gosh, it's the second time I want to go with him to that place. I just can't leave the USA these times yet. Well, it is ok. All will be well, Ladygishi.

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"Saving Prvt. Ryan"

I have just finished watching the dvd. It's a very good movie. It's a mission of eight men to find Pvt. James Ryan in the warfield whose 3 soldier brothers had just been killed, to pull him out there to console his grieving mother; and face the risk, take courage and decency. If only there could be no war. But even in the old times there were wars already of the ancient nations. Even before the world was made! I just bow at the courage and strength of those soldiers to go to the battlefield to fight and defend our nations! Knowing that their ends are uncertain. Knowing that they fight for their country and freedom. That movie was set in the D-day. The times when our uncles or grandfathers not just defend our country but their lives in the field. As I watched the movie...

I can't help to think of my cousin Elmer, a Filipino soldier, and Amanda who will be deployed in Iraq in few months. The Lord will protect them under His wing and give them a refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. After all, there is victory in the good.

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em".

Of course I dont like war but it does not make me hate Bush. If no one will fight the enemy, who will stop them then.. As the saying goes in my vernacular "if it can not be solved sitting down, solve it standing up!" or even crawling in the ground. We know we are right, triump is ours. And for them in the battlefields there are still many who come and save prvt ryan.

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A Day with Aunt Gert

I had a great day today with aunt Gert. I went with her shopping for some groceries I have to prepare before my husband Johnny comes home! We had a good time and I feel good today. She just helped me a lot, and I'm glad I was of help. I've been waiting for someone to go the food store and she was going there anyway. Johnny is offshore. One day I will be the one driving for aunt Gert and Sis. I really want to drive for my mother-in-law. She called me later about the errand, and just to check on me. She simply cares, too much, iI feel sometimes like I'm a 6 year old.
I wish we will start my lessons here when everything is relaxed already after Johnny comes. I can't wait! I will be well.

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Hanging of the Green

I went to church this morning with aunt Gert in her car. She's a very nice lady. I hope someday soon I will be the one driving for her to church. The clock alarmed at 1pm so it's time to go to aunt Gert's to help her do her Christmas tree and decorations. I rode in a four wheeler down the side of the road and when no trucks in, I hurried to cross the road across Danny's to aunt Gert's house. We had a nice chat and later did the Christmas tree up, it was so pretty, and she got all kind of stuff that went in there. It was so lovely tree with all the lights. We were chatting again at the porch, uncle Joe watching the Saints' football game. Then Sis called and asked me if i would come with her to church in the evening..

green tree

I and aunt Gert beside the tree we put up.

I didn't know that it would be 5pm. For me it was so early, way too early but I have to go and experience it. She came just when i was ready. But when I got there, I thanked that I came that early because I really liked the message of our teacher there. "Purpose-Driven Life is a good book, but we don't have to waste all our time to discover what's our purpose in here. Just follow and worship God that is what we are here for, that's our purpose. Just submit to God's leading and everything will be under God's control."

Oh I didn't expect I would be in the choir practice room. They will be practising for the choir tonight, as sis sings in the choir, she brought me along with me there, so I joined but I didn't go to the choir stand to sing with them, I didn't think it was good that time. So I just have to find Mr. Sam and sat with my father-in-law, which I'm glad to see there.

It was a good evening there, with all the decorations and lights they have in the sanctuary, so pretty. The songs, and the readings, and little inactment, and of course The Hanging of the Green, where we stood up and hang the stuff we brought with us to the christmas tree inside, it was so pretty. I was having a nice time.

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Some News From Home

I called my family at around 1am. We had a good talk with my mother and my siblings. It was Sunday afternoon there and the church people were at home gathered for some choir conductor's short lecture. I could even hear from the phone the voices of my aunts singing! Nostalgic! He he. My youngest brother was excited and was kind of proud to tell me that our PC at home got some virus; he's a cute brother. And what good news I gathered which made me happy and kind of wish-I'm-there was that that youth who got stabbed was getting good now, and the suspect went to our church to ask forgiveness so made them all watery there. As I keep telling myself: everything works for our good, no matter how painful they may be in the moment of weakness. He is still the master of our fate, the master planner, who crafted us into His perfect plan.

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A Day with Sis and Cody

Funny day! My mother-in-law called me when I was still chatting with my sister and asked me to go to town with her and Cody, her great grandson.
So we went there. A pretty little town. She is fond of jewelry, and they have some on display there. She bought me a violet butterfly and Christmas pin. I chose a blue butterfly pin, it was pretty, and when i looked closely to it, wow, made in Philippines. He he. Then we went to a place to eat for lunch. I just had had my breakfast so i just ordered ice cream and paid for their burgers. Silly me, I should have remembered that sizes here are different from at home. Gosh, there was no way i could finish a large cup. That's triple extra large there at home! And their burger no wonder they were burned for they've been prepared for almost an hour. My mother-in-law, Sis, and Cody was so hungry then, Sis went to the restricted area. Well, we just laughed.. Funny.. we agreed it would be better next time, lol.. much for me, hahaha.. well, if my husband was with me, it would be different. He could have saved me. Well, it was a great day, indeed, especially for sis.

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Some News From Home

I received an email from my elder sister earlier telling me of updates at home, maybe it's really human nature, but I wanted to hear anything that has been happening there. We have one of the young people at church who is in the hospital for a week now. He was badly hurt, got stabbed and nearly lost.. This young man was in my plan to be one of my groom's men, in the end we ended up having his two friends in the entourage. All brethren are important to me, but there is something inside that make me feel them special. They attend our church when they have nearer choice, and they're good normal young people. And I want them to feel cared and important. The forgiveness in himself to the person who did it to him, oh can't help but spend some tears as I lay down in my nap, I hope my prayers help to reduce the pain; and also my friend, how my heart constricted for her. God protect your children. Though sometimes we might be the captain of our soul, no matter how strait the gate, You are still the master of our fate.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

How time has passed so quickly! Tomorrow will be the second to the last Thursday of the month, (which we have 5 Thursdays this time) The Thanksgiving Holiday!! I really thought today is still Tuesday, lol... I will be going tomorrow to aunt Gert's with my mother-in-law for a thanksgiving dinner. It will be my first time to have that. Back at home in the Philippines we have that thanksgiving also but we hold it at church which falls most every church anniversary, so it will not always be the last Thursday of the month there. I can't remember if i have eaten turkey, but tomorrow seems to be my first:-), all i remember what i had eaten once or twice only were those "sawa" and "halò", lol, well...

I have so many things to be thankful for. I'm really thankful to the Lord for the blessings poured on me. There had been many stones along the way, but the blessings dim them all. I'm so thankful to God for my husband. I'm married now to the most loving man i know. I'm so proud of my darling. I'm also so thankful for my in-laws here also, they make me feel at home and they have been so nice to me. My mother-in-law, 79, is very motherly. She worries that i will be scared at home when I'm alone when there will be a blackout! How she prays for me. I am blessed by her. God had let me met her so that I can see more of myself to be understanding, caring and loving; I still have to work this out. My father-in-law was a nice and funny man, he was a soldier who had been in th Philippines in those war days, and often talks of it. I'm so thankful for them, my husband's sister-in-law, Roxanne, is specially nice person, I'm just home! As i told myself before, I will not be so homesick this few months if i feel good here, I feel so loved, instead. As much as I'm thankful for here, I'm also very thankful to my family, as ate elai said, no other people will stick to us in all times but family, praying for them as much. I know that they take comfort of my news that OK here, i talk almost everyday too with sister gaga, I pray they will always be okay and safe. I love them all, miss them! Everyday is a thanksgiving day, and tomorrow there is something especial when many people will give thanks the same time.. We will be..


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