A Day with Sis and Cody

Funny day! My mother-in-law called me when I was still chatting with my sister and asked me to go to town with her and Cody, her great grandson.
So we went there. A pretty little town. She is fond of jewelry, and they have some on display there. She bought me a violet butterfly and Christmas pin. I chose a blue butterfly pin, it was pretty, and when i looked closely to it, wow, made in Philippines. He he. Then we went to a place to eat for lunch. I just had had my breakfast so i just ordered ice cream and paid for their burgers. Silly me, I should have remembered that sizes here are different from at home. Gosh, there was no way i could finish a large cup. That's triple extra large there at home! And their burger no wonder they were burned for they've been prepared for almost an hour. My mother-in-law, Sis, and Cody was so hungry then, Sis went to the restricted area. Well, we just laughed.. Funny.. we agreed it would be better next time, lol.. much for me, hahaha.. well, if my husband was with me, it would be different. He could have saved me. Well, it was a great day, indeed, especially for sis.

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