Some News From Home

I received an email from my elder sister earlier telling me of updates at home, maybe it's really human nature, but I wanted to hear anything that has been happening there. We have one of the young people at church who is in the hospital for a week now. He was badly hurt, got stabbed and nearly lost.. This young man was in my plan to be one of my groom's men, in the end we ended up having his two friends in the entourage. All brethren are important to me, but there is something inside that make me feel them special. They attend our church when they have nearer choice, and they're good normal young people. And I want them to feel cared and important. The forgiveness in himself to the person who did it to him, oh can't help but spend some tears as I lay down in my nap, I hope my prayers help to reduce the pain; and also my friend, how my heart constricted for her. God protect your children. Though sometimes we might be the captain of our soul, no matter how strait the gate, You are still the master of our fate.

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