Berlin Wall Section

There I saw the actual 10x10 Berlin Wall Section.

Address: Passion Play Road, Eureka Springs
Location: Passion Play Road
Hwy 62 East on Passion Play Road. Located on the grounds of the Great Passion Play

Description: As a symbol for freedom from tyranny, a 10 foot section of the Wall is displayed near the Christ of the Ozarks on the grounds of the Great Passion Play. Psalm 23 was lettered by East Berliners while imprisoned under Communism. Always open. Near the Christ of the Ozarks Statue. Free.

There I also know that

  • Between 1945-1961 2.7 million escaped East Germany
  • In 1960, 200,000 East Germans escaped to freedom
  • Order given to build Wall- Sunday Aug. 13, 1961
  • Construction began Aug. 16, 1961; completed 2 mos. later
  • Initially 6 ft. high bricks topped with barbed wire
  • 1970-Wall raised to 10ft. steel-reinforced concrete
  • Length 103 miles
  • 200 East Germans killed trying to escape
  • Most artwork on wall done at night
  • In darkness, this artist saw light; in despair, the word of God; in repression, hope for freedom
  • the Wall fell on November 9, 1989
  • so if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed... John3:16

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