Eureka Springs!

We woke up at two a.m. and headed north to the state of Arkansas quarter to three am. It would be a long trip and very memorable one. With the aid of an atlas and mapquest, we found our way to Arkansas' highest point. I was so excited for this "honeymoon trip". At last everything was set and all we needed to do was travel the 10-hour quest estimate. Along the way we picked some 19deg Fahrenheit the coldest yet I had been. It was so cold outside when we stop for few minutes for some knicks to knack and some gas about 5am and shortly after we entered the Arkansas state. The atlas shows that Eureka Springs City is in the north, so we have to cross the whole state of Arkansas to reach the destination. It was daylight already and we stopped again for breakfast at McDonald's. I thought it kind of funny if it is, but I brought 4 boiled eggs with me to eat along the way, but we ended up throwing it for I didn't eat them. It was a hilly and curvy highway we rode on and within the rocky mountains. So nice countryside scenery, and the water flowing from the rocks turned into ice! If it was on the cave it would have been like stalactite and stalagmite. So wonderful. We passed the city of Little Rock Arkansas, a nice place. When we were going still up north we begun to see some snow. So fair a thing, my first sight indeed.

Finally we were on the city of Eureka Springs.

but we still had to find the Bed and Breakfast Inn we booked into. So we followed the quest's direction and trekked into a 0.10mi turns there. Some streets there have more than one name and others don't have any, and it happened to be the one we would take following the turns and distances of the guide. We didn't imagine that that nameless street led to a road winding the mountain inclined to 50degrees with snow! I always appreciate snows before but I didn't actually realize they could be dangerous and so slippery on the road until I was there. I felt so safe with my husband driving, and trust his truck, but there were few seconds I was scared when we first advanced upward and slid back. It happened also that that road had no turning for trucks. Well, after some locking on the wheels we drove up in that slope with snow and released our breathes when we reached the top. We promised then never to pass that road again. But due to some confusion with the streets there, we ended up passing the same road again. Hehehe. Glad it was OK. We finally reached the Hotel, sorrounded with snow, after some turning back round and round looking for the signs and directions and beat the mapquest by two hours and we rested the whole afternoon. Just had no decent sleep and tired, but glad we arived there ok.

Eureka Springs is an old, historic, little, compact town full of shops on Arkansas' peak, whose spring waters were thought to have healing properties. The City of Eureka Springs was founded and named on July 4, 1879. By late 1879, the estimated population of Eureka Springs reached 10,000 people and in 1881, the town was declared a "City of the First Class," the fourth largest city in Arkansas. Today, their history lives on and the entire downtown area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. On Spring Street, the mood is eclectic, the architecture is Victorian, the patrons are diverse and the cuisine is served with an international flair. Spring Street is populated by galleries, shops, nightclubs, coffee houses, quirky local hangouts, elegant gourmet restaurants, gardens, massage therapists, healers of various sorts, street musicians, artists, and starry-eyed lovers. While they're nowhere near the 4th largest in Arkansas, Eureka is still a "First Class City", featured in Ripley's "belive it or not" many times, more than any other town, so they say..

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