Every Moment Counts

And we should make it. I have access to the Internet 24hours a day and every time I come in here I would see some people I know of and some friends. Due to time difference I would not like to start for they might be about to go, but other than that, I just look at them being there without getting in touch. This makes me feel I have missed some important moments I could have reached out and comfort those people close to me. I'm guilty of this. This I humbly accept and I know it's within the bounds of my struggle to being positive. Now there are two dear friends whose times of weakness or loneliness had passed and I could have helped in those moments. Well, there are still time to amend and I learned something good today that will make this even better individual. And I'm glad that I have just started so. Let every moment counts and make a difference to someone's life, and counts to one of the good memories we will look back one day.

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