And It Will Stand The Storms Of Time..

This blog is dedicated to our Church in Bautista and to my darling hubby.

I received emails from my sister today. I am so happy to see the pictures she attached: snapshots of our Church there which is under construction. All churches are special but for me this one is more because of the story that came with its existence.

It all started with the fight of a wounded soldier, with courage so bold even when what is ahead was not clear or uncertain.

Yet as I always believe, and what seems to be my leaning wall, is that all things work together for our good, no matter how painful, hurting, or bleak it seems at the moment of turning; so they have, and always will.

If it takes everything to take our attention for the greater cause, it will be done, even when we part from the place we sow our tears and blood on, one we had spent our efforts and love to, to build that place. There are no heartaches as always it is for the better, a much better place than before.

So we started our own group and gather to our "place" which to a foreigner's honest comment was "there are no walls, you can see bugs, you can see and hear people in the surroundings, some covering turned apart, and so, full of ventilation, fresh though, good huh?." But as Sundays passed, some come to the point of doubt whether we had made the right decision; should we swallow our pride and come back (it was hurting though since no one showed they care); but then, it is better to finish what we started, so with faith moved on and planted a gathering place.

A good lesson was that never make a decision when in confusion, bitterness or even when angry, and never say or promise things half-heartedly, when you know in your heart it is not meant to be.

But then, everything seems to be prearranged. In these trying times our grips tightened that others see strength. There will always be refuge and provision in God's house. We started to have the people who will make a very big impact on us. If we could have done it by ourselves alone, it would take us very long to acquire our own lot which is now a very big thing to have. But then the provision came in the right time. With combined resources and help from our missionaries then who attended our church we were able to own the lot. Missionaries as they are, right after the lot was fully paid, they were sent to to other countries to minister, blessings as they are to other people. So we were left on our own, and we know we could stand.

There is right timing for everything. When one goes out, someone comes in. And there came my beloved who was my fiance then. We are proud of our shed even when it is just temporary and so not very presentable, but then we don't present the outside, but what we are. We didn't expect it, much I myself, that the man I was going to marry saw a vision so noble we are so grateful it seems we can start the construction of the building with the financial assistance he gave to our church. I am so thankful for him and so is the whole congregation of the support. I am so proud of my darling. Now the building is standing and I know, it will stand the storms of time, for it is founded upon the Rock.

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