Hanging around me too much

When hubby asked me about how is Lady Gishi doing or "playing", I told him that she has become naughtier now, scratches me from time to time, and does not listen to my voice half times. Of course she got lot of slapping too. And he said that "maybe she was just hanging around me too much", got influenced by my stubbornness!! "My mother would laugh!". Hehehe funny. My hubby is a joker, or is it true? Haha. But maybe she is doing vengeance in behalf of all her species in the Philippines which I just kicked for no reason, other than not liking them. But still, she is a good company, follows me everywhere, even if it takes her to jump and swing in the curtain just to be sure I'm there in the bath tub, or reach her forefeet under the door to let her hang around me, too much; and I enjoyed it "too" much.

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