Here is the One I have created just for You

There is a song that expresses what I promised inside of me. I am compelled to write this because I read somewhere someone was asking where is that soulmate we are supposed to have met by now. To some, weird it might be, but I had built my own "standards" that even in that time seemed so unreachable. But as always, it must be as high for the "factor or margin of safety", as they say. There were just few items in my list about what my future soul mate would be, or should have. But mind, they were heavy no one qualified in my youth, but I sticked to that for it was just what I wanted, and I believed in it; even when I made that list sometimes it became as "let's see what happens" game. But all comes as a reward, result or answer to what we do. So I put under me what shall I be. I promised to wait for that man, and reserve what he deserves. We have had mistakes in the past, but I had to stay to make myself worthy of such a prize. I knew and believed someone is prepared for each of us; we just have to be prepared, to give our love away with a righteous cause. And yes, the prayer of the saints really helped in speeding the answer (I was not in a hurry). It's so humbling to hear God's voice in that gift saying "Here is the one I have created just for you." And he is more than what I listed him to be, he is more than what I asked him to be! It's worth the wait! We just have to keep our promise for the Author of Love is keeping His. So I Promise.

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March 18, 2007 at 5:36 AM

Every morning when I wake, I reach to feel the warmth from your side of the bed. It comforts my caring thoughts that are sitting in my mind like a dream, weaving our life together. These loving visions will forever dance in my heart, as I whisper to myself everyday “how did I get so lucky
to share my life with someone amazing like you".
The way you put our relationship first, and listen to my every need, brings never-ending happiness to the commitment we made to each other. The gentle touch of your humble eyes caress my soul and indulges the endless serenity that gives my life purpose. I have chosen to dedicate myself to you, the sweet joy of my world, the one person who loves me as much as I love them. Hear me whisper to you now, I want to spend eternity sharing my life with you. I love you now
and I will love you forever.


March 19, 2007 at 1:03 AM

be forever thankful to God for you mylove.