I'll Be Coming Home!

I have airline tickets changed now, arranged for my trips middle this year. All are subject to change yet depending on how my paper-works go, but most probably, on our estimate all will be OK by that time, I would have my green card already and all the visa thing, otherwise, we will have to move the dates and adjust, no problem here, but at least our paperwork is running. All will be well. I will be coming home, Philippines! [Maybe], it is impossible to bring Lady Gishi with me so most likely she will be left here for few weeks. "Ambot lang jud nimo Gishi-ha ka!" I would miss her surely. It would make me all the more want to come back home, here, my new home. I will be home for just few weeks but I will have many days to videoke at home, eat salads and other veggies with moringa, and of course dried fish. hehehe. I'll be just eight months away from home then approximately. Hello pinas, I will be coming back!

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