Just Blessed

I had no idea that my six-year-old childish fancy would turn into reality. Neither did it come to my whims to technically have children I could call friends. I received a call from Amanda and it made it the most wonderful day I have. It is so fulfilling when you find that other people make a turn for you because they see a thing worthy that you don’t even know or aware of. At least that’s a positive thing. Maybe I just denied the idea of having difficult in-laws and the like because I don’t want that, so I didn’t think of it. I really thank of this feeling inside that made me deal with them the way I’m doing. I look up to them. I appreciate their qualities and abilities they excel in everything they do; they’re behaved funny young adults who had been very good children. That call made me so humble, and so grateful to find a space in their hearts and make me a welcome part of their lives. What more could I ask? I didn’t realize either I can be this level strong the way they see I am. Everything has been blissfully good. I kept asking myself why I have been blessed so much? These good things that happen to me are more than what I deserve. But then, I see the point: they are naturally good themselves and just treat me that way, as much as I do, I can say.

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