Lesson From My Cat

After waking up every morning my first task is to feed my cat, Lady Gishi. And every morning with her food, scoop and a plastic on hand, I would always see her through the glass door blinds standing in the threshold waiting for me, in the weight room where she sleeps and plays. Even if I come late she would be there all morning without playing in the coldness of that room. She depends on me so much, as all inside cats do to their masters, with patience she sacrificed her playfulness. And it always warms my heart to see her waiting for me there. This makes me to ponder. So with our Master, when we wait and remain in Him and stay faithful it would always take a place in his heart to favor our desires, no matter how we scratch him repeatedly, even when we don't listen to his voice in times of naughtiness and feline-like playfulness.

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