My Youngest Brother

Two days from now will be my youngest brother's birthday. He will be thirteen by then, a teenager already! How time passed so fast. Not long ago he would toddle beside the table and dance to the music of the TV commercials. But we love watch him grow. Such a quick-witted boy, he always has reasons and things to say to make us speechless and surprised. He is very intelligent, on the practical side, and like me, stubborn at times (just at times?), sticking to our principles and convictions. Again, like me he is critical person; but very appreciative otherwise:-). How infectious is his laughter! We can not help but laugh when we hear him laugh! Oh yes, he gives so much joy to us. Maybe I just miss my brother "glang-glang", will always be my langgala. My eldest sister will come home for his birthday. If I am there, he surely would get plenty of hugs from me, our once so cute little baby brother. Hehehe. Now he will be a teenager; will not be that baby-cute, but for sure, makahibalo na magpa-cute. Hehehe.

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