Pain of Separation or Relief of Freedom?

When we face separation we either feel pain or relief. For those who have been holding on, it is a pain; but for those who have been wanting to let go, it is a relief. (This question has been playing in my mind as I do my tasks this morning. But then, there are always two sides of a story.) When there is pain there is no relief so it's either one or the other a person feels in that moment of parting. When we are holding on to someone who then left us, the desolation is so intense and the pain so unbearable it takes time to heal the wound. But when we have been longing to and be let go, the relief is so overwhelming there is so much joy in that freedom, no matter what the cost to achieve it. All the same, in most time we needed a heart of acceptance to ease it, go on, and take responsibility of all our ways. (Even so, it is good to know the pain and joy of others in order to understand them better, always.)

In time when we look back, we can always see and say that, yes, all things worked together for our own good, no matter how painful they were at that moment of separation, and we can honestly tell ourselves that "we are glad they just happened the way they had". And the relief of freedom, it is just so for something far "more" better, bigger, and brighter than the past is always in store for us. (And the answer lies in here).

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