A Pillar of Salt

We all have unique stories in each of our lives to tell. Some memories make us smile, some make us sigh, or even cry. As we would have not faced the challenges of tomorrow without the inspiration of yesterday, there also are memories we'd rather choose not to recall, if they just linger in our minds long enough to torment us when they come to the surface. Yes, we are not justified by judging other people by their past mistakes, in fact it must make us understand them better. Sincere people who had committed those deeds might have been suffering. Is it right for us to make them look back and see the regrets, pain and desolation that associate with it? Do we really understand why they fall to such humiliation? Or do we block their way and make them turn back? It's not easy to face again the things we left behind us. But then, we ought to move forward, always forward, onward, always up, forgive and forget. We just have to help others go with us in that direction, and never turn back.

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