Plumbing Thing

As I checked my morning mail and listened to my playlist, I thought I heard something from the bathroom: a water rushing from where else but the WC. I just thought I heard sounds or noise. After two hours on the computer, I passed by the bathroom, and gosh! My hearing was right! The WC kept flushing. Gosh. I had to fix it right away, just not logical to wait for another person to do it. What a shame! I'm supposed to be a master plumber:-) well, just passed the board, but didn't practice, it was just for id. Mmmhhhm, let us see if I can fix it. Just haven't done that thing yet; I didn't know what was wrong. I tried to press the flush lever to straighten it to no avail; something is lose. So I opened it and examined that thing. The water kept flushing there, the meter had not been reached, and there I found it! It took just my index finger to press close that rubber watertight seal and the water started to fill the tank. Whewwww. Lol. Just not much water pressure in there.

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