A Relaxing Afternoon.

Outside has been so icy cold the scale was in the 30's. Inside, this afternoon, the hot tub was set to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and hotter for a relaxing spa. The chemical properties were OK so it was a go for a soothing hydro-massage. It was just my third time in that spa, when we could be there as often as we want but I and hubby seemed busy with other things sometimes we forget that there is that hot tub waiting for us anytime. This time we know though we will make more use of it. Lady Gishi was with me in the game room, and it was just her third time in that room which is just about two meter walk from her bedroom. The curious feline just watched as I laid my back over the massaging jets. It was so good. Sometimes, with our days being stressful (I am not, though, today) we have to spoil ourselves with the luxury of body spa, for relief, relaxation and pleasure, wink.:-). And it pays, just like a relaxing afternoon.

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