She Once Had a Prayer

Please give me your son to love me faithfully and be loved by me unconditionally. Someone I can be contented with and will be with for the rest of our lives. Please send me that someone, my companion in exploring life and as a partner in glorifying your name.

May he be a wise man, one that fears you. Someone that is strong to be my head, someone strong-willed enough to make me respectfully yield to him. One that can support himself, me and our family. One that is stable _ in health, emotion _.

I don't know his name Lord, where he is from, and how he looks like. I'm sure Lord, when I will meet him, he will melt my stiff heart, and I his gentle heart; by that distinctive feeling of magic you give us as a mark that he is the one for me, and I for him. Hold our hands Lord and let us be together.

I am looking forward for that day Lord when we will see each other's eyes and know that it is the moment I will take away my heart from the past and childish dreams, and give it away to your son, to whom I will bare my soul. Make me see your power yet in another, this way.

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