This Football Game

I'm watching the National Football League championship game between Louisiana's New Orleans Saints and Chicago today. The temperature is in the 30's, wow it's freezing in there, and it eventually have snow fall. That's super cold for me, but yes, when our body uses much energy it releases heat so it was not that cold in the field for the players. What touched me was when the game was about to begin and as always we should give homage to our motherland, they sang what I say must be their National Anthem. As the artist was singing he cried to the song for sincerity. Maybe it is always like that, when we see others cry out their emotion over something, we would be moved too. So as I was cooking I sung the Philippine National Anthem too, hehehe, with all my might that Lady Gishi was gazing up at me wide-eyed in pure wonder what was the matter with me. The Saints might have lost the championship and would not make it to the Super Bowl, but they made a great job for making it to the finals; and for making me research about how the game is played, hehehe, it's just good to understand the rules as we watch a game. There were just so much hope and wishes for them to win, especially in this sports-oriented house and this state, but a sports as it is, they are still winners, they still made it to the championships and that made them the second champions in the league. I appreciate this sports now as I begin to understand the mechanics of this very popular American football game. And it's great!.

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