Where Your Treasure Is..

People give so much importance on the material things that it overshadows the more valuable ones in life. There is nothing wrong with having material possessions, to see the fruit of our labors and enjoy what we have as they give much ease and comfort, entertainment and leisure, feeling of safety, and a sense of competence in this fast-paced world. But when we become discontented and dig for some more, we also tend to give our heart to that that we don’t see the more important people around us anymore. We tend to think more of ourselves.

Sometimes in relationships we tend to reserve plan B, a backup plan in case a difficult situation happens so are on the safe side, nothing is lost which we believed is of utmost importance when that relationship fails so we are protected. We just lack total commitment, trust and devotion that we outwit one another. But for me, I still think it is more important to have someone to walk with us when we are in canes, or in whatever automated chairs someone’s wealth can afford when we can not walk anymore; to have someone to hold our hand when it is already shaking; someone to care for us when we have less power to do so to ourselves; to have someone just to make us feel we are not alone in our gray days. But that someone does not come in an instance. It will take years to reap that loyalty that is only bought by our total commitment, trust, and devotion. All the material things will come and go. Nothing is permanent in this world, so there will never be total security in them. We don't have any hold in everything. When all of those temporary things go, it is fulfilling to know we have someone on our side, who will stick to us through thick and thin. Will we have that someone? In the times of accounting, the most valuable assets in this world are our loved ones, after all, whom we have cared for and given more importance over other things in this material world, even over our treasures, even over ourselves.

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