Words of Affirmation

I like to appreciate people, in fact I have made that a hobby to give appreciation, especially when it's due. And that's a nice thing, for it not only makes that person feel good, it also makes you a better individual. When we receive affirming words we are far more likely to be motivated to reciprocate. They say we have languages spoken in different ways and that is right. I always appreciate affirming words and it adds to my good sense of feeling to myself. And yes, it was subconsciously done; I spoke in the way I wanted to be spoken to. Just the same, most people tend to criticize others most loudly in the area which they themselves have the deepest emotional need. But I will not let any degrading word even just rest in my mind for a bit. We are made to see the world and not be imprisoned in our shells by what other people tried to plant in our heads, manipulate or influence us, into going down some level of our self esteem. Ate Diding has done this credit for me. Just one word from her had changed me in making people feel good when you talk to them. And that's a positive thing.

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