Your Partner's Comfort Zone

Love is selfless, it does things you know your partner would like you to do. You seek to please your spouse by serving him/her, by doing things for him/her. To become selfless one has to engage in service, and more a person becomes selfless the more he/she enjoys serving others. Meeting our partners' need for love is a choice to make each day, if we choose the better part, their deepest emotional need will be met and they will feel secure in our love, and they tend to respond positively to the person who is meeting it. So true love makes you do things for your spouse that are even out of your comfort zone.

Why comfort zone? Because we do not like to do one of those things our spouses need us to do, because it is uncomfortable for us, it does not come naturally for us, we do not think that that one thing is good for us, and it is against our principles in life!?

But then, love is a sacrifice for the sake of our mates. It is something we do for someone else, not something we do for ourselves. And true love is always a constructive force, not destructive to our total self, but it promotes well-being of our partners, and personal growth. That's true love. It does not think or regard so much of one's self, but makes other wholesome, complete being, and to bring out the best in them, not the worst :-). Hayyy, Life has so many lessons, the greatest of which is love, the selfless one.

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