Far East Food (Iba Talaga Ang Atin)

We had a quiet busy but happy day today. We went to town and did some things but more importantly, we went for the first time to a Far East market owned by a funny Korean lady, where I would buy foods I missed. If I haven't met Miss Joy, the Filipina neighbor who is also a wife to an American, we would have not known that this store exists, at least this soon, after four months of my stay here. The other days, I also talked to a kababayan who have been here for more than twenty-years already. It's kind of funny, but my brother-in-law Jamie met her in a library and being an "oriental lady" he got her number for me. So would begin a new circle of friends. I got all I could possibly get out of that market/shop. Naa jud mongoes, dried fish hehehe, and saltwater fish, bagoong alamang, and all kind of noodles. As I was grabbing them, I also thought that the ones we ordered in the Internet from the Filipino store will be coming shortly. So they came, and another package too is on the way. I am just so excited! I like American food, but just enthusiastic about cooking again my own far east food, which to my delight, hubby love to eat.

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March 13, 2007 at 3:27 PM

Internet readers tend to return to blogs with a focused theme.

Photos are great when they're something universally appreciated, not family except sometimes kids photos.

Some variety of font/format is always better to make a blog livlier, see wht I mean:



good luck



March 13, 2007 at 8:04 PM