Indian Nostalgia

Someone from India read my blog today. As I was looking at the map, I remember then my travel to the cradle of Hindu civilization. Were it not because of my fiance then, I could have not visited and stayed there for few weeks last year, and gone to places which before were just in my wish list.

My stay there made me see so many things and humbled me. Mumbai (Bombay) is a home of approximately eighteen million people I was amazed how dense. I come from a populous place too, but this struck me. Every afternoon, you will also wonder where these people come from when they will all come and sit in the sand watching the afternoon beach sun, and also, maybe watching other people there. Every afternoon, thousands and thousands of Indian people would go to the beach with their friends, families and groups, dogs, and even their balls for playing. And I was used to that. I just imagined, when those people wouldn't come, how lonely the place might be. It is obvious anyone around the globe loves the beach, and this setting made it for them to relax and ponder about the day, though some were doing nothing but sleeping early in the morning on the streets or the sand, or anywhere one could lie down...

It might not be a very clean beach, and when the wind blowed on me I could sense that distinctive Indian smell from the thousands on the beach, but I kind of missed the afternoons there, the recreation, when if alone, I could lost myself in my thoughts as I enjoy the never-ending waves, the distant cry of the birds as they flew and seek something on the sand, watch the clouds in the expansive sky and envision myself in silhouette of the orange sun with the people on a distance.

Perhaps that's me, inasmuch as I like to be with people, I prefer some good times to be with myself more and enjoy the recreative and meditative embrace of the nature around me, only then I can feel so light-headedly refreshed, and appreciate more the beauty and wonder of the works around. Just as nature has given us two eyes, two ears and only one tongue so that we can see and hear more than we speak. And I saw and heard so much in there that I couldn't put into words, they were just all beautiful in their own ways..

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