Moonlight Sonnet

Here came the time between dusk and dawn,
Every room was filled with total gloom',
But ‘ needed to move around in the dark
For I was searching for the light that sparked;
I walked stumbling in the hard-to-see way,
But the darkness was just wiltered deeply;
And I found no light in every chamber,
All I needed was a true comforter,
But there was none so went near the window,
Saw the will-o’-the-wisp in big shadow
No light only the gentle breeze I felt
But in one part of the sky the moon glint'….
What a great comfort its glows to my heart
I could find my way, for it casted away dark’.

1995 from memory

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March 31, 2007 at 8:51 PM

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seldomly like poems but this one is pretty good. Make more:-)