Some Things For A Wife To Remember

As I was looking for something on my stuffs, I came across my old notebook with my Tips and the like writing on it. When I was in my teenage years I used to write notes on everything I see as will be helpful for me, and I see it now. I loved to listen to lecturers and speakers on every youth camps and fellowship and honestly, I was interested in things for couples and marriages, ngek. Lordy lordy I was so young then. But I was glad that there was my cousin Glen who at least shared the same interest with me in that area. This is one of the notes I see as reminder for me now. Whoever was the source of this, I'm thankful for the effort for it will be rooted in the core values here.


  • To be a failure as a wife is to be a failure in life.
  • The purpose of the woman’s creation was to be a wife.
  • Give your husband first place in your heart, next to God, of course.
  • Do not brag on other men in your husband’s presence.
  • Be sure that you boost your husband. Do not tear him down.
  • Remember, you are a helpmate.
  • Make your husband feel important. The only way for you to be a queen is to make him a king.
  • Keep the home atmosphere as pleasant as possible.
  • If you are more efficient that he is, appear to be less efficient. Show your need of him. (What do you think of this?)
  • Spend time with him regularly.
  • Put the husband before the children.
  • Love your husband before the children.
  • Be interested in his activities.
  • Always submit yourself to your husband. (Have a mutual understanding about your physical relationship. 1 Cor. 7:1-5)
  • Be beautiful and appealing.
  • Dress as he wants you to dress. Think of him in choosing your wardrobe.
  • Talk to him very frankly about his needs.
  • Don’t forget to be more romantic and more appealing with the passing of the years.
  • Be very frugal financially.
  • Never criticize his parents.
  • Encourage him to take the lead of the family spiritually.
  • Arrange to eat privately with your husband often.
  • Learn to have fun together. Maybe a hobby could be started.
  • Do not boss your husband. Do not tell him what to do around the house. Courteously, lovingly and kindly, you may ask him; but keep clear of any strong suggestions and orders.
  • Be very careful with your relationship with the opposite sex. Do not place yourself in positions where temptation will arise or criticism could be given.
  • Plan to be home when your husband is at home.
  • Do not be preoccupied with duties or thoughts on duties when you are with your husband unless, of course, the duties are being formed together.
  • If your husband is unsaved and the least bit antagonistic toward the church, do not discuss the church with him or tell him how much you enjoy it in front of him.

  • I see them useful now, and it will be helpful and and will serve as a guidepost. But the same respect applies to the husband too. As clearly implied by the author of this that one important aspect is to have the supreme Guide to be successful; and this is based on the basic instructions from the Book. I might not be perfect, but this one helps. Maybe somehow, I knew before that I would need it; all works for good.

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