Tip of The Tongue

I have had the experiences where I have something on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember it. All I could do was close my eyes, crease my forehead and forcefully try to recall it with some movements of my fingers, as if it helps speeding the recall, and with questions for myself what was that matter I wanted to recall; sometimes I remember it with kind of “joyous victory”, sometimes just not with disappointment. I know I’m not alone with it. Then I found this braingle and it says and explains something about this.

Memory: Tip of the Tongue One way to try to recall the information is to think around it. (When you learn a fact, there are many associations that are learned along with it. The more associations you have for a particular fact, the more likely you are to remember it because each association acts like a cue to remember the original information. You can use this idea to help you remember something that is on the tip of your tongue. Try to recall everything that is related to the idea. Chances are that something you DO remember will lead you to what you DON'T. For example, if you are trying to remember an actor's name, try to name all the movies that he has been in and all of his costars. It's very possible that in doing this, the name will just pop into your head.

The context of where and how you learned a piece of information is also stored in your memory. If you are trying to remember something that your math teacher taught you in class, try to picture the class and the circumstances surrounding the time when you learned it. This might cue your memory.)

Another way is to stop thinking about it and let your unconscious mind process it for a while. Sometimes the fact will jump into your mind the moment after you stop thinking about it. Normally, once you remember the fact, it seems obvious and you can hardly imagine why you couldn't remember it in the first place.

This proves a few facts about memory. First, it shows that memory is not all or none. In other words, sometimes you can recall a partial or incomplete memory. Second, just because the information is in your mind doesn't mean you can recall it whenever you want. Organizational problems sometimes prevent recall for information that exists.

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