Today is My "Offical" Birthday!

It's my "official" BIRTHDAY today! Official in the sense that I am on a different time zone. I am halfway of the globe away. This is my first birthday away from my family, all the same, it is a happy birthday. I want to give thanks and appreciation to my friends who greet me for this day.

  • Miss Ana Maria B. for the early friendster message. Missya.
  • Bulaklak Rainel Jeane Calvert my friend in Florida, dai, thanks for the messages and greetingsJ. ur great!
  • Engr. Dyvinie J. thanks for the cute testimonial, believe jud ko ani dyvinie ba.
  • Engr. Pilar M. thanks for the chikka greetings, it's always heart warming.
  • Engr. Darlene L. thanks for the greetings, I appreciate it so much.
  • Miss maganda Paline Marie L. thanks for the cute card gwaps, so thoughtful and nice of you, it was indeed blastingJ.
  • Hey Julius L. thanks for the greetings friend, I appreciate it. Gobbless always.
  • Engr. Myla Pauline D., te may, my friend, thank you so much for the greetings.
  • Thanks Engr. Melba T. for the nice greetings, gwaps. Godbless.
  • Of course with nostalgic thanks to my family for always being there for me, for the early birthday greetings call this morning. I am so happy.
  • My in-laws, especially my mother-in-law, Sis, thanks for the pretty birthday card, and for being such a good woman.
  • I always thank My Maker for giving me another year to appreciate life and see the beauty of it even when there are pains and hurts on the side, still, life is beautiful with all of them.
  • And all the rest of them who would have come to our house to greet me had I been there. Thanks everyone, and for the chikka messages I got.
  • Thank you Jonathan for the greetings and for the cards, most of all for the love you gave me and for what we have for each other. I love you honey. So proud of you mylove.

  • Indeed, life is beautiful, another year to experience life and embrace all the realities and fullness with it, and in the end, always see God's faithfulness and strength in our weaknesses, and His provisions to our needs, and we can always testify that God is good, all the times of our lives, His love and mercy to His children never ends, in fact, they are new every morning, so great is His faithfulness, and we will see it again in action in this new chapter of our life.

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