Flower Delivery

Someone rung the doorbell, and then rung it again. It could not be Sis, she must have called first before coming. I hurried up to the door wondering who might it be. Then it banged on the door. Gosh. When I looked through the peephole, there was a lady I don't know who. With a 500,000 volts stun gun in hand, I had no choice but to open the door. She asked if the name was mine. Yes? She gave me a live plant/so green a gardenia with one white flower and a white ribbon, and leave. Gosh, who might had sent me flower? I read the paper pinned to the ribbon. It was really for me. I scrutinized the plant examined it thoroughly; surely there was no bomb on it? I thought. Could there be a camera in the leaves to monitor me or what? Then I found the paper was a little envelop and when I read what was inside, it was from my in-laws, hubby's brother and sister in-law, Roxanne and Duane, just thinking of me since I could not go home for Lola's funeral. Gosh! My mind was so corrupt, or overly cautious? A bomb and camera in the plant? Well. It's a very lovely plant, I like it. The thought counted so much, it is so comforting to know people around care so. No other people like family. It is very lovely, that the butterfly hides behind it.

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