Hanging of the Green

I went to church this morning with aunt Gert in her car. She's a very nice lady. I hope someday soon I will be the one driving for her to church. The clock alarmed at 1pm so it's time to go to aunt Gert's to help her do her Christmas tree and decorations. I rode in a four wheeler down the side of the road and when no trucks in, I hurried to cross the road across Danny's to aunt Gert's house. We had a nice chat and later did the Christmas tree up, it was so pretty, and she got all kind of stuff that went in there. It was so lovely tree with all the lights. We were chatting again at the porch, uncle Joe watching the Saints' football game. Then Sis called and asked me if i would come with her to church in the evening..

green tree

I and aunt Gert beside the tree we put up.

I didn't know that it would be 5pm. For me it was so early, way too early but I have to go and experience it. She came just when i was ready. But when I got there, I thanked that I came that early because I really liked the message of our teacher there. "Purpose-Driven Life is a good book, but we don't have to waste all our time to discover what's our purpose in here. Just follow and worship God that is what we are here for, that's our purpose. Just submit to God's leading and everything will be under God's control."

Oh I didn't expect I would be in the choir practice room. They will be practising for the choir tonight, as sis sings in the choir, she brought me along with me there, so I joined but I didn't go to the choir stand to sing with them, I didn't think it was good that time. So I just have to find Mr. Sam and sat with my father-in-law, which I'm glad to see there.

It was a good evening there, with all the decorations and lights they have in the sanctuary, so pretty. The songs, and the readings, and little inactment, and of course The Hanging of the Green, where we stood up and hang the stuff we brought with us to the christmas tree inside, it was so pretty. I was having a nice time.

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