They call it human nature, (that's bad a nature!) that there are people who are "raised eyebrows" when others seem to be successful, or just getting a bit higher than what they used to be. Instead of supporting them morally, rejoicing with them, and be happy for them, some seems to get bitter over it, and in their very depths, afraid to be emulated in what they're trying to be unique. People whose hearts are governed by greed and pride that will never get release unless they do something that will demoralize or embarrass the other, or something that will prove that they are still at the top. Bad and sad but that is first hand. There is no malice in the heart, yet, someone over there is about to burst by what we obtain. There is nothing to be insecure about if we get what we have with pure intentions. Those who envy are those who have malicious minds. Hecks, they are not our business, and let their pride consume them; still, we cannot keep silent if we are stepped upon. We pity to those people who are dealing with their own personality difficulty. They want to be the only one in the position and get all the attention; superficial people as they are, deep inside, they are empty and lonely that is why they are full of insecurities especially over those who are peaceful. One’s passion of anger, pride and envy will never be sated unless we are of accepting heart, secure in our own selves and happy over others’ gain, and with that, we will be lifted higher still, just as pride consumes the envious heart more.

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