Leave and Cleave

I had to leave my family and live with my husband and fly with him to the USA. That was a great decision and we bade tearful goodbyes, and separated ways 2006. We arrived in NAIA and I was just thankful he was with me, for I knew it would not be that easy if I had to fly alone. We landed in Guam at night and stayed there for several hours since we caught the earlier flight from Manila; better early than delayed. In just few hours of flying I was out of the Philippines and in the US Territory already, I could not go home that easy!. I had no hard time with the immigration port of entry in Guam, just a question or two and I was cleared with my fiancé with me. Aloha, Hawaii! We had to check through our baggage again and groom ourselves and change clothes. Such long hours of trans-pacific flying, that meant I was getting farther from home. The flights were comfortable and smooth and after seven long hours in the aircraft, we arrived to Houston Airport. It is huge and the automated train is a darling. Peoples were white and black and with colorful hairs; that knocked to me as a reminder that I was in America already. Then the last of the five flights we would take to get to my fiancé’s home. It was in a much smaller plane with propellers. At last we arrived to Louisiana, the state name that before I took as the most beautiful and wish could go there. Boarding passes would go to my scrapbook later on as remembrance.

My first impressions of the US right from leaving the airport.

My first observation upon going out of the airport was that the drivers rarely use horns not like in India. Everything was smooth. Roads are good, and the countryside is pretty, with the trees and the trimmed grasses. It is a lovely expansive place. Big people are evreywhere. God is gracious.

Meeting family members
At long last we arrived to his lovely home. My father-in-law then was there to greet us. What a welcome. Just when I got out from the truck he hugged me. And everyone hugs a lot! I was not used to that actually. Except with my hubby, though. After resting a while we went down to his parents’ house and met my mother-in-law. She’s a smiling woman and hugged me, had to hug her too. I gave her presents, a native product of the Philippines, a shoulder bag, with personal accessories inside which hubby told me she likes to wear. I felt welcome (they should) and glad that they are so nice and good people.

The first thing I did in the US
In total we flew a total of 22 hours plus the time of waiting in between. The first thing I did was to sleep and sleep and let my body adjust to the different time zone. Sleep pattern was not right plus I was experiencing jet lag. I am 14 hours in the latitude away from home. I woke up every 3:00am, why at 3:00am I had no idea, and it took me three to four days in experiencing it.

Shopping for the first time.
We shopped for groceries at Wal-Mart and Super1. Wow! It is so expensive here (compared from home) though they are of low prices already! Gosh, I could do so much already with $300 worth of groceries at home. Okay I would not convert again. The vegetables! Wow, the eggplants are so big like an “upo” I can’t help but laugh in surprise. God is gracious. The clothes! So expensive, and we had hard time looking for my size. Everything is big. So we had to shop in the Internet next time to find the right size for me. Ohmy, I just didn’t comment when I saw the VS bill. We could buy motorcycle at home with that. And the footwear! Well, I would just not try to convert it. Cost of living is high. I had to teach my self to stop converting the figures if I would have to have peace of mind when shopping. Everything is expensive. But the quality is at it’s best.

First food.
He cooked for us the first days I was here. Lasagna, he grilled chicken quarters, and grits with butter, egg, cheese, and bacon in the morning. I thought that was too much. I didn’t like it that much at first but it tastes so good now.

First restaurant.
We ate in a Mongolian/Chinese restaurant that gives fortune cookie upon giving the bill. It was so nice buffet and everything is good in the eyes but too much for the stomach. It was very good.

Meeting other Filipinos (Pinoys)
I met Rainelle on the embassy upon our interview day. She would be headed in Florida. We communicated through email, and when she finally here, we called each other. We have not met though since then. The first Filipina I met was Joy, through her neighbor who is my mother-in-law’s friend. With her husband and Fil-Am kids, they went to the house and it was through her that I knew Asian/Oriental stores here. Then my brother-in-law Jamie met another Pinay, atë Marilou and she came to the house also and great that she knows my husband before then. They’re so nice ladies, upon the first meeting we are feeling close. It was good to know and meet them, and by chance, they’re also Bisaya..

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  david mcmahon

March 14, 2007 at 6:25 AM

G'day from Australia,

As a migrant myself, your writing touched a chord.

Great picture with the moonlight sonnet post.

I recently posted some advice for new bloggers (Reader Radar a few days ago and House Of Lords a couple days ago). They might be of some help to you at my site which is http://david-mcmahon.blogspot.com/ so have a look and buzz me for blogging advice at any time.

Good luck with your new homeland.


David aka aussiejourno


March 14, 2007 at 1:29 PM

thank you aussiejourno. i will remember it. your blog is wonderful. great one.


March 14, 2007 at 1:41 PM

Seems to me readers return to a blog with a focused theme.

Writing from a readers point of view is important,livlier format also helps readers stay with a blog, see wht I mean:



good luck