Sleepless, Bugs

I finally made it! My Internet connection just dropped down, totally lost. Maybe a bug anything brought successfully despite the updated protection we have, or maybe a mess I have just gotten into. It became worse and a highly technical thing. I must fix it or I will not be able to connect. I didn't have any know-how about OS and all other configurations, and if I don't have to sleep for two days to fix it, so I was sleepless. We spent long hours over international phone calls just for hubby to assist me. What a relief when it finally connected. We might have not fixed it with the technician over the phone, but he really helped and hinted me ideas which made it worked. It was my ever first time doing that. And I learned a lot from it. A lot. It was just easy after all.

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March 14, 2007 at 6:34 AM

hello dear,
I can understand your problem but you should not be so unfaithfull to your body.We owe a lot to it.Isn't it .So beeter you care for your self too as much as you care for your computer bugs