Some News From Home

I called my family at around 1am. We had a good talk with my mother and my siblings. It was Sunday afternoon there and the church people were at home gathered for some choir conductor's short lecture. I could even hear from the phone the voices of my aunts singing! Nostalgic! He he. My youngest brother was excited and was kind of proud to tell me that our PC at home got some virus; he's a cute brother. And what good news I gathered which made me happy and kind of wish-I'm-there was that that youth who got stabbed was getting good now, and the suspect went to our church to ask forgiveness so made them all watery there. As I keep telling myself: everything works for our good, no matter how painful they may be in the moment of weakness. He is still the master of our fate, the master planner, who crafted us into His perfect plan.

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