The White Dress.

I was talking and seeing my family through ym. We had a good time. Well, how would you face someone in the family who was gone for 35 years and just shows up and do comical things? There's another side of the story there, but sometimes life is so funny, or we take it so funny when someone acts funny things seriously, without realizing it. And I love funny things! But something struck me inside today. It's just different when we talk about what were the things a person who recently died doing in the final days. I could sigh with smile but there is still that little feeling inside. My Lola must have been so proud and happy of the dresses we bought for her for my wedding that she kept hugging and kissing it. The white dress! I didn't know that she liked it that much, and I didn't know also when was the last time she got a new dress before that. It must meant so much for her. I could not scale the excitement she might have felt with that dress even when she just sit on a chair or lie in bed all day long. But to hug and kiss the dress? That is very striking. It could be taken as a sign that she would depart already from what all she had, but that dress was the closest, dearest for her. How I wish I could be there. They were all so proud and happy of all the small things we did for them, for Lola, which we could have not done, and that is what made me feel uneasy. And we could always do better things. It's so humbling so see their pride and joy. Just the same, if we do small things for others it will make a difference in their life, how much more if we do greater things for like us ordinary people out of pure intentions, out of love. We will leave all things and possessions behind us, but it is what we have done good that really counts in the end. We might not understand my Lola's speech when she was alive, but I know she is happy lying in there, in the white dress.

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