You are paralyzed from the neck down..

I watched a movie recently and something leave an irritation in my mind from a scene when a doctor sincerely and seriously told his patient that he is paralyzed from the neck down. What an agonizing news after waking up from a "coma". Had it not been because of his will to get rid of the filthy fly on his hand, he would have not known that he is not paralyzed, instead he was as healthy as he had always been. There are some people who want to control and imprison others who are of so free spirit into their own worlds. When one tries to reach out, the other would put a wall and say "shut up, do you think you know everything?" things; all that you say comes back to you negatively, or you can not even say a word. It sounds to me like from a man of bitter life and envy to the one whose life is vibrant and healthy, or the man who just get too much care from his partner that it became all about him, he sees nothing about her, or simply who does not respect anymore, or just being his sad sorry self. One fine woman shared to me that burden, and the urge to not to talk anymore; and I see it too. It's all about freedom! Her freedom to be herself, her freedom to be heard and be appreciated, and respected, most of all. Even just a little amount of it each day will help to keep the love going, but when it is gone, he will finally realize that he himself has actually been paralyzed from the neck down, and it was just her love and caring that kept him walking, even without a head.

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