Husband Will Go On Strike

I told my husband that I have a friend who does not massage her hubby, as I was rubbing liniment that we ordered from a Filipino store online on his back. He said, "husband will strike!" Ohmygosh! My husband is actually saying he will be on strike if I don't massage him every night from head to toe anymore! Though partly kidding. I have spoiled him with massages he feels so good and kind of used to it, that a stop is worth striking. Well, he will never be on strike. I love massaging him all over, and always feel proud that I made him feel so special and pampered. It makes me so special too, to be the only one who has done that pampering for him ever since. The very first time I have done it, he was actually smiling all day long, I didn't expect it would make him that happy with the attention I give. I just love it. It made him feel so good and spoiled with attention. I just couldn't imagine the feeling my dad had when each of us siblings when we were small did massage him, one standing on my dad's back the feet massaging, one on each foot, one on each arm, head and thighs. It must have been delightful and relieving to him. And so with my husband. :-) And I'm glad. It makes him sleep so sound, even before I finish, and relieved of the stress of the day.

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House Business

It has been busy these last two weeks in the house, especially hubby. People had been in the attic for two weeks removing the flexible insulated duct work, and replacing it with state of the art galvanized steel gage 20 tubing and wrapped it with insulation, and measured the air flow such that they are all equal in each vent. From now on there will be no major worry about the central HVAC for as long as fifty years, it's so wise of him. Yesterday, the house carpenter came and finished the shoe rack cabinet doors perfectly. No worries of where to hide the vanity shoes and sandals now. Oh how they teased me of my shoes! Well. Also came the people to do the steel work to put up the fire pit building on our backyard that hubby has planned last year. We only get the people do the job now, and it's worth the wait. We really appreciate their work, very professional, every items are done with precision, so much better than the duct work, if I should say. The fire pit will be perfect in winter, but also for parties in the house. The Ga. 7 galvanized steel chimney is suspended from the center of the steel building frame and capped with the same material. Hubby just only settle for the best there is, and it pays.

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Food and Cooking

One of the thousand things I am so grateful for is that my husband is not picky with food; not like me, if the food doesn't pass my eyes' and nose's standard, tummy can not accept it. :-( I am not sure why, but my nose is powerful when it comes to food selection. Having traveled himself around the world, he appreciates international cuisines, so he also likes foods that I cook that are more of Filipino style. I know I have to learn more on American food too, but hubby got me so many recipe volumes and recently he got me several Filipino kitchen books. Well, I am grateful for that, and it's very educational for me too, at the same time, fresh and healthy for him, that I make sure of. I have not cooked a lot when I was at home, only I loved cooking for my dad when no one else is at home during the day. And I was so proud of it; I knew one day, I would be preparing for my husband, and I was glad I served my dad with what what I'm serving my husband in the kitchen now. I just love it. Just so heart warming and satisfying to see them being fed and loving it.

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What A Wonderful World

As we went to hubby's property across the creek, he asked me that which everyone kept asking me: how do I like it here? I said I like it here so, beautiful and refreshing,

'I see trees in all shades of green,

red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you,

and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue..... clouds of white,

Bright blessed days....dark sacred nights, And I think to myself .....

what a wonderful world. The colors of a pretty the sky, Are also on the faces.....of people ..going by, I see friends shaking hands.....sayin.. how do you do, Theyre really sayin......i love you;

in the first of spring, I'm always shivering, for it's so cold in this time of spring. :-). And then he smiled.

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Pork Stewed in Sweet Vinegar Soy (Humba)


1/2 cup (100g) dark brown sugar
2 cups (500 ml) H2O
1/4 cup (60 ml) soy sauce
3/4 cup (200 ml) vinegar
2 lbs. (900 g) pork shoulders, cut into chunks
3-4 garlic, minced
1 bay leaf


  1. Combine the sugar, water, soy sauce and vinegar in a bowl and stir well. Transfer to a casserole and add the pork, garlic and bay leaf.

  2. Bring to a boil over high heat, then simmer over low heat until pork is tender, about 35 minutes.

  3. Discard the bay leaf and serve meat with rice. Spoon over the sauce.

Serves 6
Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 40 mins
Filipino homestyle dishes

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we had a storm with its rolls of thunder and clashes of lightning (dawgdog og liti) the electricity actually went off for several minutes which we rarely experience here. The power dropped to 80Volts but glad it went up again after few hours to 123. I shudder as I heard the clashing lightning that must have hit on something it was so fierce, and so near. But was so glad it didn't last long.

We went to Notary Public for my passport amendment application papers to be notarized. Hubby FedEx-ed it today, and probably I will get my passport back next week. Louisiana is under the Chicago Phil. Consulate, but the visa service of his company we're using will submit it in Washington. They are experts in the field by the way. My name there would be in my married name then. With that, we can travel so much easier and less hassles to another places. Miracles for my Green Card! I checked the case status online today and at last it is updated April 18, now they're processing case of October 14, 2006. If all miracles, just one more update and maybe mine will be under Midas' golden touch :-).

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Last Week

It's kind of late but I had not enough mode to post earlier. Last week, my step-son Tanner came and I offered him the WoW Magicsing video karaoke if he wanted to sing. He loves it. So obvious. Yeah, it's really cool. All happens from the Microphone. Later my mother-in-law joined us and she and I had a duet: She sang alto and I did soprano, Amazing Grace. We scored 92, not bad. We all enjoyed it. I was actually so amused inside as I watched the father and son singing. What amused me most was that they would say they can't sing that song, yet when it started, gosh, rocker pala. Just one thing I appreciate, they're not ashamed. And one thing I observed; the songs which almost all Filipinos know from children to adults seems not so common here, I mean, we are more familiar with English songs no matter what genre, may it be county, pop, etc. But it's good. Hubby has been guarding his voice from singing, but it made him sing, and kalooy sa ginoo, he's doing finer each time, great.

Friday we had a date, hubby and me. :-) We just watched movie in Grand Theater, 300 and buy some stuffs for my cat. The movie was exciting! As I tightened my grip on the chair, I was praying inside me "Lord bless them" as the 300 went off to war. Gosh, I was so affected by the movie. It was just a movie, yet it carried me away. It was so beautifully made that I was in awe. According to Tanner, it was the best movie he as seen. Though there were so much bloodshed, maybe it's the king's glorious quality that inspired me aside from the story. We could wish the reinforcement came earlier but the story would be different. It's just so good a story. Of the hundreds that walked away, only one turned his back; and all of them was bursting their emotions, only one kept his resolve. So good.

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No Big Deal

We moved the flight date already to August from May, and be staying home for about 2 months instead of 5 weeks. And if by that time my green card is still not received, we will change my airline ticket again. No big deal. We don't lose anything. Miracles, I must have it before October. My application has been sent last November and transfered to California in December. So it makes it a total of almost 6 months now, and 5 months in CA. Well, of course I can not compare my case with others who got their green cards so early, but I hope mine will not tarry that long.

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Hunting Trip

It was dawn. And then came morning. Lady Gishi was not outside of the door waiting for me. My cat was lost. My parents-in-law were also looking and so aunt Gert was informed. She might have been stolen or bitten by a snake.. I was already thinking there must be a website for missing cats :-( . I have so much in my mind I was not talking for Lady Gishi is missing. But miracles! Hubby found her outside the door at 8:00 in the morning. Gosh! I was like a child so happy to find the cat at last. Just that this cat means so much to me. She's still a very young cat, and it was just unusual for her to be missing for she was not used to be outside. But hubby said, she must have been on a HUNTING TRIP, her first one. Lordy lordy. I kind of laugh to that word, tiaw mo na nag-hunting trip ang iring. It's their predatory business. I'm just so thankful she found her way back home again. Cats don't really get lost, do they? Just so relieved today.

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My Cat Is Missing!

We have been roaming outside in the dark armed with flashlight to find Lady Gishi. So worried we couldn't find her. At least, no dead cat on the road. But she's missing. For the first time she's lost, and I will sleep tonight with Lady Gishi at large. Miracles, I will find her tomorrow morning on the door waiting for me.

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Belly Dance

I have my first actual belly dance class lessons today and hubby was with me. It's my first of the twelve weeks. It's great!! Having a lot of fun with women of varying ages and a lot of exercises, it was amazing. I like our belly dance instructor, she's good in what she's doing and she's funny. I just admire the art. The times I followed the instructional DVDs, I had a very good body isolation exercises, I couldn't believe they were a bit complicated at first. It just seemed so simple. It also incorporates yoga exercises in it. It is so exciting. It's so good expression of oneself, for me. (I was unaware hubby was watching me, from the outside of the dance room, I could have overemphasized it, lol.) I just love it. It's a wonderful art. Can't wait for the next session. But in the main time, be having fun and getting along with my hip scarf.

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WoW Magic Mic

I didn't intend it to be, just logged something that I did last Easter Sunday, but hubby dearest felt like buying a magic mic for me right from the Philippines, as what is most commonly known there as magicsing, or magicmic. And I got it just this very hour! Just less than a week, so fast. Gosh I'm so excited! I don't know how long that 5,000+ songs be all sung, if I know all, but now I feel like I'm just in the Philippines! Hehehe, now I know how to write next time, and once hubby will read it..., hehe, just kidding. Though my voice is for personal entertainment or use only, I really love to sing, with mic, that is, :D. Videoke Kantahan na! I love you honey.

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Opinion Poll

I got some phone calls these days about "opinion polls" of the politics in Louisiana, and said that our number was selected in random and that the caller wanted to speak to a voting individual. Of course I can not vote here, yet, so I told him that and that no one else is qualified in the house. He told me to register as soon as possible so I could vote already. Oh yeah, as soon as my papers are complete, I told him. It's around 5 months now I hope it will not take longer for my AOS to be completed. We have many plans though. Certainly, voter's registration is not one of them, this time. ;-)

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Happy Easter

It is Easter Sunday! I watched my mother-in-law sung in the choir in her very lovely special dress. It was just all song service this morning. Great day. Reviving. Yesterday we also went to her best friend's funeral. I had great time too with my fellow pinay in their house for easter dinner in where I watched the children seek the hidden egg. Had good time there and enjoyed the videoke [I have not sang (with mic) since I was here!] It's just a good release.

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Sunday Photos

uncle jake two days before his 91st birthday.. another one blessed life
uncle jake and sisters aunt gert and sis

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