Belly Dance

I have my first actual belly dance class lessons today and hubby was with me. It's my first of the twelve weeks. It's great!! Having a lot of fun with women of varying ages and a lot of exercises, it was amazing. I like our belly dance instructor, she's good in what she's doing and she's funny. I just admire the art. The times I followed the instructional DVDs, I had a very good body isolation exercises, I couldn't believe they were a bit complicated at first. It just seemed so simple. It also incorporates yoga exercises in it. It is so exciting. It's so good expression of oneself, for me. (I was unaware hubby was watching me, from the outside of the dance room, I could have overemphasized it, lol.) I just love it. It's a wonderful art. Can't wait for the next session. But in the main time, be having fun and getting along with my hip scarf.

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