Food and Cooking

One of the thousand things I am so grateful for is that my husband is not picky with food; not like me, if the food doesn't pass my eyes' and nose's standard, tummy can not accept it. :-( I am not sure why, but my nose is powerful when it comes to food selection. Having traveled himself around the world, he appreciates international cuisines, so he also likes foods that I cook that are more of Filipino style. I know I have to learn more on American food too, but hubby got me so many recipe volumes and recently he got me several Filipino kitchen books. Well, I am grateful for that, and it's very educational for me too, at the same time, fresh and healthy for him, that I make sure of. I have not cooked a lot when I was at home, only I loved cooking for my dad when no one else is at home during the day. And I was so proud of it; I knew one day, I would be preparing for my husband, and I was glad I served my dad with what what I'm serving my husband in the kitchen now. I just love it. Just so heart warming and satisfying to see them being fed and loving it.

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