House Business

It has been busy these last two weeks in the house, especially hubby. People had been in the attic for two weeks removing the flexible insulated duct work, and replacing it with state of the art galvanized steel gage 20 tubing and wrapped it with insulation, and measured the air flow such that they are all equal in each vent. From now on there will be no major worry about the central HVAC for as long as fifty years, it's so wise of him. Yesterday, the house carpenter came and finished the shoe rack cabinet doors perfectly. No worries of where to hide the vanity shoes and sandals now. Oh how they teased me of my shoes! Well. Also came the people to do the steel work to put up the fire pit building on our backyard that hubby has planned last year. We only get the people do the job now, and it's worth the wait. We really appreciate their work, very professional, every items are done with precision, so much better than the duct work, if I should say. The fire pit will be perfect in winter, but also for parties in the house. The Ga. 7 galvanized steel chimney is suspended from the center of the steel building frame and capped with the same material. Hubby just only settle for the best there is, and it pays.

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