Husband Will Go On Strike

I told my husband that I have a friend who does not massage her hubby, as I was rubbing liniment that we ordered from a Filipino store online on his back. He said, "husband will strike!" Ohmygosh! My husband is actually saying he will be on strike if I don't massage him every night from head to toe anymore! Though partly kidding. I have spoiled him with massages he feels so good and kind of used to it, that a stop is worth striking. Well, he will never be on strike. I love massaging him all over, and always feel proud that I made him feel so special and pampered. It makes me so special too, to be the only one who has done that pampering for him ever since. The very first time I have done it, he was actually smiling all day long, I didn't expect it would make him that happy with the attention I give. I just love it. It made him feel so good and spoiled with attention. I just couldn't imagine the feeling my dad had when each of us siblings when we were small did massage him, one standing on my dad's back the feet massaging, one on each foot, one on each arm, head and thighs. It must have been delightful and relieving to him. And so with my husband. :-) And I'm glad. It makes him sleep so sound, even before I finish, and relieved of the stress of the day.

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May 5, 2007 at 9:32 AM

what? mg-strike sa dai.hehe.d bya lalim jd ng mgmasahe oi. buy na lng xa chair massager.hehehe tawon c dong athan na-spoiled na jd sa mga 'golden touch ni inday lotis':-)


May 5, 2007 at 10:50 AM

ang husband na wala ginamasahe mao mag-strike! d jud xa magstrike dai kay spoiled jud xa sa akoa golden touch, which i love to do. cge ra xa smile, enjoy pud kaau ko... we have plenty of massagers pero, i prefer to do it by hand, mas ganahan man pud xa. proud pud ko. hehehe..