Last Week

It's kind of late but I had not enough mode to post earlier. Last week, my step-son Tanner came and I offered him the WoW Magicsing video karaoke if he wanted to sing. He loves it. So obvious. Yeah, it's really cool. All happens from the Microphone. Later my mother-in-law joined us and she and I had a duet: She sang alto and I did soprano, Amazing Grace. We scored 92, not bad. We all enjoyed it. I was actually so amused inside as I watched the father and son singing. What amused me most was that they would say they can't sing that song, yet when it started, gosh, rocker pala. Just one thing I appreciate, they're not ashamed. And one thing I observed; the songs which almost all Filipinos know from children to adults seems not so common here, I mean, we are more familiar with English songs no matter what genre, may it be county, pop, etc. But it's good. Hubby has been guarding his voice from singing, but it made him sing, and kalooy sa ginoo, he's doing finer each time, great.

Friday we had a date, hubby and me. :-) We just watched movie in Grand Theater, 300 and buy some stuffs for my cat. The movie was exciting! As I tightened my grip on the chair, I was praying inside me "Lord bless them" as the 300 went off to war. Gosh, I was so affected by the movie. It was just a movie, yet it carried me away. It was so beautifully made that I was in awe. According to Tanner, it was the best movie he as seen. Though there were so much bloodshed, maybe it's the king's glorious quality that inspired me aside from the story. We could wish the reinforcement came earlier but the story would be different. It's just so good a story. Of the hundreds that walked away, only one turned his back; and all of them was bursting their emotions, only one kept his resolve. So good.

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