we had a storm with its rolls of thunder and clashes of lightning (dawgdog og liti) the electricity actually went off for several minutes which we rarely experience here. The power dropped to 80Volts but glad it went up again after few hours to 123. I shudder as I heard the clashing lightning that must have hit on something it was so fierce, and so near. But was so glad it didn't last long.

We went to Notary Public for my passport amendment application papers to be notarized. Hubby FedEx-ed it today, and probably I will get my passport back next week. Louisiana is under the Chicago Phil. Consulate, but the visa service of his company we're using will submit it in Washington. They are experts in the field by the way. My name there would be in my married name then. With that, we can travel so much easier and less hassles to another places. Miracles for my Green Card! I checked the case status online today and at last it is updated April 18, now they're processing case of October 14, 2006. If all miracles, just one more update and maybe mine will be under Midas' golden touch :-).

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