Daily Web Activity :-)

And so this tag thing; this time from Rainel.
Six sites I visit everyday.

  1. My Yahoo Mail for obvious reasons and to Yahoo Finance to see stock changes with hubby.
  2. Blogger.com to log in to my web log, this very one, make new post, pour out thoughts and musings or see what's up.
  3. Ah, of course, friendster.com where my old/new friends, brethren, and relatives reconnect and update with me.
  4. If I want a quick summary for web stats for my blog, I go to map stats. There I can see how people come to find and see my blog. I like to read it for I see what phrases people are "googling" to finally land on my blog; some phrases are funny, and some are strange. Imagine that one landed to my blog by searching for phrase "Filipina mother-in-law acting strange".
  5. Immigration forums website. Just for personal information and sharing.
  6. And sometimes just browse around blog spot, to see what they world is blogging about, and find interesting ideas; and some belly dance sites and other stores that hubby and I find, and to add, just "google"ing around for some interesting subjects.

Maybe have to end this here for now. Just pass this on when there are catchers :-) ..

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