The Driveway

When I first came here the first things I noticed were the mailboxes. Every house has a mailbox, of course, mail system is serious. So I just observed the difference in the mailboxes and whatever way they do to make it beautiful and unique from the neighbors' boxes. There was one driveway by a mailbox that caught my attention. It speaks so loudly to me that my heart was stricken with nostalgia for it. I have seen a few like it but that one driveway is so powerful to me that every time I pass by there I would always look at it with longing. There are two wheels in there that must have been there for so long it was leaning, and no doubt it must be aged more than the house owners themselves. And every time I pass by that driveway, I smile knowing that a thing so precious is there to pave the way for its owners and welcome its visitors with that old theme. And every time I am kind of lonely, I just think of the wheels on that driveway. I am not alone.

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