My Brave Cat

When I was about ready to get inside the house after cleaning the mower with the threatening rain in the skies, I was looking for Lady Gishi, my cat. Gonna bring her inside already. The storm threat was gone with the wind, and there I found her lying in the metal sheets facing Mrs. Ugly, my father-in-law's cat from a short distance. As we have observed several times, they just stand afar and face each other without any motion or "meow". It's just that time that I come to observe them closely and I discover a funny yet not funny thing. Every time Mrs. Ugly pose to come near her, Lady Gishi, to my surprise, would growl and hiss fiercely at the older cat. Gosh, my cat is defensively brave!! It is my cat after all who hubby once heard growled and almost fight Mrs. Ugly. Well, good for you Gishi! At least, other creatures won't take her easy. I was sitting there for long looking at them that when I looked up, Miss Fat cat, Mrs. Ugly's daugther was also there in the distance observing the two as Mrs. Ugly tried to come near again. After many rounds of walking very very slowly around me and Lady Gishi, Mrs. Ugly was not able to come near my cat. She is just not used in having other felines like her around. But the other two cats are also something else. Both of them are females and had been worked on. Maybe one feline day, they will be good cat friends.

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May 29, 2007 at 9:38 PM

I think you're cat looks so cute!
We also take care of several alley cats at home, all tamed by me, my younger sister and our father.