My Line

I was about six year old running around with my cousins my age playing hide and seek. Somehow in that bleaky memory I can still recall my aunt asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I said, I want to be an engineer. Just a childish utterance that was never really serious, or just plain innocent statement, but was silenced when she said I didn't fit because I am a girl. 1997 my mother asked me what course I would take in college as we were heading home right from our high school graduation rites. Had not really made it up; I just wanted to write, as my old dictionary says, litterateur. I don't know why but my very intelligent English teacher put question mark on that old English term. Then I was already aware that my dad took engineering too. So I replied to my mom I will take civil engineering course, anyway, that's the only course that I prefer from what were available in my town, it was the only one that attracted me; I knew going intercity would be hard and expensive, so I just stayed. My other option was going to the Bible School. I knew then I haven't made a mistake for I love the trade, I love Engineering Structures. It's my passion. I wanted to conquer the field! 2002 I graduated from the college of civil engineering and took review course for the board exam. Then they offered a review for Master Plumbers' board exam too, which every engineering graduate is qualified to take since that time the course is not offered in college. (After our time, everyone has to take the new plumbing engineering 5 year course, so I guess we were lucky.) I just enrolled in the review for nothing would be lost if I do. August, I saw my name in the tribune newspaper, I passed the board exam, so it made me a Registered Master Plumber! October, I read my name in another newspaper and online that I passed the CE board exam. It also made me a Registered Civil Engineer!.. God is great in my life. That was 2002. It is still my passion and always will be amazed by it's beauty and noble magnificence.

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