On Faith and Love

Number one in my list of standards or qualifications for what my future partner must be was religion. Not only because we were always taught and lectured to yoke with believers or engage with the ones of same faith as us, but also because I have seen it with my own eyes the issues and conflicts in the family that could have been easier and happier should they have the same inclination. I have so strong convictions of my faith that I will not give it up just to marry a man who has different faith as me. Maybe just a matter of personal principles, but I really know what I believe. So if he wouldn’t not pass number one, there would never be other chances I would look into no matter all the points below it were all checked. To compliment, I didn’t want him either to convert just to be with me, to marry me. I want to see him as a man of strong principles in life and hold fast that what he believes. Maybe I’m just different but that’s me, and the man I had been praying for. I just can't contain my gratitude then when God gave the exact man and even more than what I had prayed for. Sometimes, it pays to hold fast that which we base our principles in life with, on faith and love.

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  Christine M. Jones

May 24, 2007 at 12:49 AM

Dear Lotis,
Thank you for reading my blog, Droplets from Life. I am so happy to read this article which says that you purposefully chose to maRRY A MAN OF gOD. i TOO, AM MARRIED TO A WONDERFUL MAN WHO LOVES jESUS. iT MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE! kEEP UP YOUR BLOGGING! gOD WILL USE YOU! Thank you for encouraging me too.